The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Fourth AGWA - SESYNC workshop: October 6–8

Eco-Engineering Theme — Workshop 4
PIs: LeRoy Poff and John Matthews
Dates: 6 - 8 October 2014

The fourth of our four workshops spans three distinct days and targets that are intended to both provide thematic closure and connect our efforts to other initiatives and audiences. General overview of the SESYNC theme is located here. The agenda for the three days is located below.
Day 1 — Monday, 6 October
Caucusing our eco-engineering and flexible planning pathways groups: status, cases, drafts, project closure.

Start time for eco-engineering group: 8:45 – 9 am EDT (LeRoy joins remotely)
Start time for pathways group: 8:30 am EDT / 14:30 CET (Marjolijn, Ad, Kathleen join remotely)

Joint meeting at 11 am EDT / 17:00 CET
Caucus with remote participants (Marjolijn, Ad, and Kathleen; LeRoy)

Lunch: 12 pm EDT

The pathways team (those present) joins with the eco-engineering group; areas of overlap/synergies between groups; should there be a joint product between the groups?

Day 2 — 7 October: Working with scarce data for decision scaling:
Co-convenors: SESYNC, AGWA, NASA, World Bank, UMD
Following up on the half-day discussion during the June 2014 workshop, we will be deepening our exploration of our ability to develop remote sensing data products that are suitable to support the metrics and methods developed from earlier eco-engineering SESYNC theme workshops. In essence, based on our survey work to date, we believe that the metrics and data products to enable a broader implementation for eco-engineering decision scaling do not yet exist, particularly in regions with limited data.

The agenda will be divided into a morning session (with remote access with European partners) and an afternoon session focused on present members and next steps.

A draft position paper will be circulated in advance, as well as appropriate readings on decision scaling.


Introduction to enable discussion
Why decision scaling: an overview of the approach
Ecological parameters for resilience, water management variables for robustness
Discussion: Gaps for the developing world: do existing data products fill this need?

Efforts to date:
World Bank remote sensing program — Marcus Wijnen
NASA / JPL — Dave Toll

Topics for discussion:
Do we need to create something new? Are we reinventing the wheel?
Are there partners ready/willing/interested in creating such data products?
How do we proceed?

Day 3 — 8 October: AGWA Knowledge Exchange
Co-convenors: SESYNC, AGWA, World Bank, UMass, USACE, Deltares, OECD, UNFCCC NWP
Starting time: 8:30 am EDT / 14:30 CET
End time: 12:00 pm EDT / 18:00 CET
Representing a culmination of many of the efforts over the previous three workshops, the third day will focus on sharing our work to other potential partners for amplification, extension, and adoption.

This session will divide into three segments:

Decision scaling in investment decisions: Patrick Ray and Luis Garcia and/or Marcus Wijnen
Integrating environmental performance markers: Ted Grantham and/or Caitlin Spence and/or Guillermo Mendoza
Planning for flexible pathways: Kathleen Dominique and/or Marjolijn Haasnoot and/or Ad Jeuken

Each segment should begin with a short introduction and case and then have an exchange about applications.
After lunch, we should have a small-group discussion about the work developed to date and possible future directions and extensions.