The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

AGWA Policy Team meeting notes - 1 September 2014

Updates on the AGWA Policy Team meeting held in Stockholm on 1 September, led by Sofia Widforss and Karin Lexén at SIWI.
During the World Water Week in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, AGWA held its annual meeting and it was decided that SIWI would take over the responsibility to Co-chair AGWA together with the World Bank, thus taking over from Conservation International.

With the Policy group, we ended up having several meetings, as there was so much positive energy from its members participating in WWW, also coming up with good suggestions for action points on where to go from here, considering that we have such a strong and dedicated network, and that we have several key events ahead of us; the COP 20, the DDR in Sendai, the WWF, the COP 21, several SBI and SBSTA meetings, and also the UNGA 70 for those of you who are involved in the Post 2015 process to mention the perhaps most important.
We decided that now is the time to act, to join our forces and prepare input to the different processes.

As you all know, the AGWA Policy group is a loose network that does not speak on behalf of its members, so any messages conveyed will be clearly understood as endorsed only by those who wish to be part.

As you might also know, except for the 2015 climate agreement (the ADP process with its two work streams), the Ex Com on Loss & Damage are in the process to prepare a proposal for a two year work plan which will be negotiated in Lima at the COP 20, and water is now well anchored in the Nairobi Work Programme. Thus the next couple of years will be crucial as all these work streams are being developed under the UNFCCC. For the COP 21, the idea is a “a positive agenda”, partly solutions based. Adaptation will have its space in the new agreement but it is yet to be agreed how this will be framed. Also, finance is obviously at the core so the meeting in Addis Ababa next summer is also relevant in this regard.

I have already received valuable feedback from many of you on how we could join forces to convey a strong message, and through which channels depending on the context. I would now like to ask you to send in any additional suggestions you might have on how we could go about, for instance to which work stream we could submit a joint policy paper and when would be the best time to do so, or any other methods and/or spaces we should consider.

I would kindly ask you to provide potential input within the week, e.g. by Wednesday 24th of September. A follow-up email with suggestions for action points will be sent out accordingly. I will also call for a meeting in late October, though not on Skype since I have found it technically to work poorly.