The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

UNFCCC COP 20 Side Event

This side event will aim to build recognition of the links between climate adaptation, mitigation, and resilience, while focusing on water resources as the common denominator between the strategies. We will share experiences and lessons learned in areas related to water management, energy efficiency, sustainable drainage systems, catchment protection and management and the promotion of policies which improves adaptive capacity and builds resilience, while aiming at not increasing the greenhouse gas emissions.

This side event to the UNFCC COP 20 is co-organized by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), France, UNESCO-IHP, and Leadership for Environment and Development, Pakistan (LEAD). The case studies presented in the side event will showcase concrete examples drawing links between mitigation, adaptation, and resilience strategies, and offer some recommendations for including an emphasis on improved water management within the new climate agreement at both international, regional and national, local levels. Understanding the interconnections and the drivers for policy choices will lead toward a comprehensive approach for decisive planning and action to address climate change integrated, inclusive, and long-term.