The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Watercourse Lessons for Mitigation and Adaptation: Towards a Climate Deal

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This side event will showcase the critical role water plays in both the adaptation and mitigation of climate change, including as a link between these efforts.

Date: Saturday, December 6 Time: 13:00-15:00
Venue: Room 68, European Pavilion

Case studies on the impact of climate change adaptation on water resources, improvement of water quality, stakeholder participation and mitigation as well as adaptation strategies developed by the private sector will be introduced. The event will also elaborate on the nexus challenge where the cross-sectoral nature of water challenges is requiring closer collaboration between stakeholders with different expertise, such as water, food, land and energy.

Government representatives from Europe and Peru will reflect on the case studies and present their views on how the link between water, climate change and development are reflected in the ongoing negotiations in Lima.

Key questions that will be addressed are:
  • How could the new climate regime steer towards better coherence between
  • climate mitigation and adaptation in policy and practices?
  • How can lessons from the water practitioners be better incorporated in
  • UNFCCC processes?
  • How can public and private actors work together for improved resilience?
  • How can local participation for improving climate resilience be secured?

13:00 Welcome.
Ms. Karin Lexén, Director, World Water Week and International Processes (SIWI)
Dr. John Matthews, Coordinator (AGWA)

Introductory notes
Ms. Anna Lindstedt, Climate Ambassador (Sweden)
Cooperation in adaptation and water – experiences at the national, European and global level
Mr. Michel Rentenaar, Climate Ambassador (The Netherlands)

13:20 Case study section.
Improving adaptation and mitigation knowledge on water and climate change in Latin America
Mr. Jean Michel Martinez, Director of HYBAM observation system (IRD)
Mr. Waldo Lavado (SENAMHI)
The National Drought Observatory (ONS): Reducing vulnerability to draughts and increasing responsiveness and recovery rates to Climate Change
Mr. Juan Carlos Sevilla, Director (ANA)
Lessons for climate change adaptation: case study of treatment water: community participative adaptation and its impact on human development and ecosystem
Mr. German Torres (Centro de Estudios Sociales Solidaridad)
Developing water related adaptation and mitigation strategies with local public actors
Mr. Pierre Victoria, Director Sustainable Development (Veolia)

15:15 Panel discussion.
Ms. Anna Lindstedt, Ambassador for Climate Change (Sweden)
Dr. Eduardo Durand, Director of Climate Change (Peru)
Ms. Laurence Tubiana, Climate Change Ambassador (France) (tbc)
15:55 Final reflections.
Ms. Laurence Tubiana, Climate Change Ambassador (France) (tbc)