The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

IWA Symposium on Lake and Reservoir Management | August 2015/02

The third IWA Symposium on Lake and Reservoir Management (IWA L&RM 2015) will be held at Mountain Lake, in Pembroke, Virginia, USA from 4 to 7 August, 2015.
We will have at least 4 keynote speakers and expect over 100 national and international participants.

The IWA Specialist Group on Lake and Reservoir Management focuses on the integrated management of lakes and reservoirs, taking an interdisciplinary approach that includes fluid dynamics, biogeochemistry, microbiology, and aquatic biology. The symposium will focus on all aspects of lake and reservoir management, including: 1) instrumentation and techniques for water quality monitoring; 2) in-situ control strategies to remove nutrients and contaminants, and to diminish the release of greenhouse gases; 3) best practices for the management of cyanobacteria and algae; 4) in-reservoir water quality management strategies; 5) evaluating reservoirs as barriers to or as sources of pathogens; 6) understanding the impacts of climate change; 7) employing hydrodynamic and water quality models to facilitate understanding and optimize operations; and 8) actively integrating reservoir management and water treatment. At IWA L&RM 2015, we plan to have a special session on surface water augmentation for water reuse as well as a session on the use of macrophytes for water quality improvement.