The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Climate Science to Engineering Operations for Watershed Management Workshop

In 2011 the Climate Change and Water Working Group (CCAWWG) issued the user needs report, “Addressing Climate Change in Long-Term Water Resources Planning and Management: User Needs for Improving Tools and Information Report” ( Since then, CCAWWG agencies have engaged in multiple research and application activities to address those needs. CCAWWG will host this workshop to review that work and to help design its planned 2016 update to that 2011 assessment of its agency partners’ needs for climate science and climate change information.
When: 25-27 August 2015
University of Washington, Fisheries Science Building, Seattle, WA, USA
Who Should Attend:
Federal and non-Federal participants who produce or use science and engineering inputs for the resource management themes listed below are invited to talk with their agency representatives on the CCAWWG Program Committee to make their agency selections for attendance.

Since 2011, most water-resources agencies have progressed beyond making vulnerability assessments to the point of considering how they can best mainstream climate change information into their climate-relevant mission activities. This workshop will feature presentations and focused discussion of specific resource management issues and problems within four nature-based themes having components of climate change and variability:
  • changes in basin climate, water supply and drought, including effects on surface water and groundwater
  • changes in wet weather extremes, from heavy downpours to regional floods
  • effects at coasts and shorelines
  • effects in watershed ecosystems, including natural, agricultural, and other managed landscapes.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: write to any of the CCAWWG Program Committee members:
Jeff Arnold (, Subhrendu Gangopadhyay (, Tim Green (, Forrest Melton (, Karen Metchis (, and Kevin Werner (