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Infrastructure Week 2016

Now entering its 4th year, Infrastructure Week is a national week of high-profile events; tv, print, and social media coverage; public education and focused advocacy; and other efforts around America to tell the story of America’s infrastructure, and the impact it has on our communities, economy, and quality of life.
When: 16-23 May 2016
Where: Around America
How to Register: Visit to see how to participate. No registration necessary.

Coordinated by groups representing America’s business, labor, and policy-making leadership, and comprised of nearly 100 Affiliate organizations from all sectors of America, the economy, and civil society, Infrastructure Week is the largest, most diverse, non-partisan coalition of organizations dedicated to strengthening America’s competitiveness by building – and rebuilding – our infrastructure systems. Critically, Infrastructure Week unites both traditional stakeholders with those whose lives, livelihoods and businesses run on infrastructure: manufacturers, retailers, passengers, travel and tourism companies, and the towns, counties, and cities home to them.

Infrastructure Week 2016 will kick off Monday, May 16, 2016, and will begin a full week of events, education, advocacy, and media to elevate infrastructure as a critical challenge – and enormous opportunity – facing all states, cities, and communities. The Week covers a diverse range of infrastructure topics, including road, rail, and air transit; ports and waterways; water and wastewater; energy and telecommunications; and many more. Across these issues cut critical conversations from technology, innovation and finance to resiliency, income inequality, and quality of life. At its core, Infrastructure Week will highlight success stories from projects and communities around the country, and articulate what infrastructure means for the well-being of America’s citizens.

Whether you are an elected official or city planner, a small business-owner or corporate executive, a labor leader, academic or general interested citizen, we encourage you to use the platform, tools, and resources provided by Infrastructure Week to become an advocate for America’s infrastructure. Plan an event. Write an op-ed in your local newspaper. Coordinate a tour of a major local infrastructure development. Contact – or visit – your Member of Congress, State Legislator, Governor, or Mayor.