The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Implementing the EU Adaptation Strategy - Practical insights and policy recommendations

Climate action is a key priority of the EU and accounts for at least 20% of its budget for 2014-2020. The 2013 EU Climate Adaptation Strategy plays a crucial role in defining how these climate funds should be allocated in order to increase Europe’s resilience in the face of climate change. Three years since its launch, this workshop will help take stock of how the Adaptation Strategy is being put into practice across Europe. Since 2012, the BASE project has engaged with stakeholders at the local, national and EU level in over 20 locations to take stock of on-going adaptation activities in Europe.

The goal of this interactive policy workshop is to bring together stakeholders to share their experiences and knowledge to shed light on European adaptation in policy and practice. Participants will discuss the implications of these insights for the implementation of the EU Adaptation Strategy and help shape a series of recommendations to support the review and future format of the European Adaptation Strategy.

When: Thursday 9 June 2016, 9:00 – 17:00 (UTC+01:00)
Where: Les Ateliers des Tanneurs, 58-62 Rue des Tanneurs, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
How to Register: Participation in this interactive workshop is free of charge. Please register here.
Event Website:

Which topics will be covered in the workshop?
Participants will have opportunities to interact and exchange on a range of topics, including the impacts and risks of climate change, the sectoral costs and socio-economic benefits of adaptation and the implications for policy making. Focus will be placed on adaptation in agriculture, cities and water with practical examples from a range of European case studies including:
  • implementing Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) in Leeds (UK);
  • adapting wine production in Southern Moravia (Czech Republic);
  • using multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) for flood risk management in Kalajoki (Finland),
  • the knock-on benefits of a participatory approach to water level management in Lake Ijsselmeer (The Netherlands)
…as well from Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Germany and many more…!

Why should I attend?
  • Have your say on how the European Union’s adaptation strategy should be improved and thereby how the money is best invested
  • Engage directly with policy makers and other stakeholders to share experiences on the challenges and opportunities in implementing adaptation that can make a real change
  • Further your understanding on the cost-effectiveness of adaptation measures, prioritisation of solutions and sources of finance for adaptation
  • Expand your network of local, regional and national adaptation experts
  • Update your knowledge of climate adaptation with the latest research

Who will be there?
The workshop will bring together representatives working on climate adaptation policy at EU and Member State level, as well as local stakeholders. Guest speakers include:
  • Marco Gemmer, DG Research and Innovation
  • Claus Kondrup, DG Climate Action
  • Michael Mullan, OECD
  • Bea Yordi, DG Climate Action