The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

SDGs and Water – Innovative approaches to capacity building to achieve the targets

These Water Webinar series are targeted at water practitioners of all levels, including policy-makers, technical staff and water educators. The aim of these series of webinars is to give an insight to the role that innovative approaches can play in supporting the achievement of SDGs in a number of ways, underlining the need for, and opportunities in integrated approaches to water management.

Throughout the series, the presenters will address a broad range of aspects – from water education, to emerging possibilities in water data collection, to technical tools and planning with nature. Topics of the upcoming sessions will, amongst others, cover using Earth Observations for improved water data, Serious Games in water education, modelling tools for managing floods and droughts, tools for development of Smart Cities, and Green infrastructure solutions for climate change adaptation.

When: 10 August 2016; 15:00 CEST
Where: Webinar (online)
How to Register: Click here to register

This session will look at the needs towards building capacity for SDG6 and the current challenges in using traditional capacity building approaches. Presenters will discuss emerging innovative approaches and tools for capacity building, and how these can help address the existing capacity gaps and build stronger fundamentals of water management towards achieving SDGs. Examples will include use of serious games, and virtual network and knowledge-based approaches.