The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Workshop on Scaling Up Nature-Based Flood Risk Reduction

Nature-based solutions (NBS) are increasingly being used for flood risk reduction and climate change adaptation, especially in developing countries where they are most needed. Examples are the use of mangroves for wave reduction and erosion control and the use of urban green spaces for retention of storm waters. If properly implemented, NBS can aid in reducing flood risk while also providing additional benefits for people, the economy, and nature conservation. However, effective implementation is challenging, as it requires integration of different disciplines and the active involvement of government and communities. In addition, proper metrics for success and adequate monitoring methods are yet to be defined. Since NBS are currently not tested to the same standards as traditional grey infrastructure, trade-offs in terms of engineering and economics are still hard to make.

The World Bank, Deltares, UNDP, and Ecoshape will be hosting a two-day workshop on scaling up NBS flood risk reduction. The meeting will focus on producing guidelines for the effective implementation of green and hybrid solutions to reduce flood risk in urban, riverine, and coastal settings.

When: April 11-12, 2017
Where: Deltares; Boussinesqweg 1, 2629 HV Delft, The Netherlands
Participation is on invitation only

The main objectives are to support and advance up-scaling of NBS for flood risk management. This meeting will bring together a selection of key implementers, scientists, and donors from around the world, with the main objectives to:
  • Exchange experiences, evidence, and best practices on the engineering and economic rationale for NBS versus traditional grey measures;
  • Discuss and agree on guidelines for the design and implementation of NBS flood risk reduction measures, based on a first draft which will be distributed to participants before the workshop;
  • Launch and discuss the alpha version of an interactive online platform which will enable information sharing and host guidelines and project examples.