The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

2nd International Conference on Water and Climate: Fostering Dialogue on the Road to COP23

Following the success of the first International Conference on Water and Climate, held in Rabat in July 2016, the World Water Council, with the support of the CoP22 Presidency as represented by the Delegate Ministry for Water of the Kingdom of Morocco, and with the collaboration of other international partners, would like to renew this experience. However, in order to be in line with the overall guidelines provided for multi-stakeholder engagement within the UNFCCC CoP23 process, this edition would be more focused in terms of numbers and types of attendees and also in terms of themes that would be evoked.

As for the past edition, the principle objective of the meeting is to mobilize and encourage a range of political, institutional, technical, and scientific stakeholders to work together so that water remains an important element of climate discussions within CoP23 in November of 2017.

When: 3-4 October 2017
Where: Marseille, France
How to Register: This is a closed event.

For the efforts of the water community to be heard and to gain greater traction, there is a need to reinforce the presence of actors from the climate community within the conference, in particular UNFCCC member states and subsidiary bodies and climate negotiators. This implies orienting the discussions in a way which will be most appealing and of maximal benefit to those parties. In addition, the event would normally be officially co-branded as a UNFCCC Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action (MPGCA) event, one that would concretely feed into the CoP23 multi-stakeholder process and be recognized as contributing to the water theme at CoP23.

As such, for CoP23, the UNFCCC Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action is proposing the organization of two high-level roundtables on “SDG2: Zero Hunger” and “SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.” These roundtables will build upon various inputs, so it is anticipated that the GCA Champions would be receptive to conference outcomes brought to their attention highlighting how water pertains specifically to these two issues. It is for this purpose that the conference themes should be focused particularly on hunger reduction and urban resilience.

Additionally, a Pre-CoP has been announced for 17-18 October in Fiji. It would be strategically important to invite representatives to this conference who will be attending the Pre-CoP and can relay the messages from that event into the broader CoP discussions and processes.

Finally, it is anticipated that our Moroccan partners would like to have the opportunity to follow up on the Initiative for Africa which was launched at the previous conference and during CoP22.

A number of concrete outputs are foreseen:
  • A short and attractive event report for communications purposed and to be factored in as a formal contribution to the MPGCA and CoP events;
  • A key messages document for decision makers on water solutions for reducing hunger and increasing urban resilience. While the messages would be distributed largely, they would be addressed specifically to the participants of the Pre-CoP and to the organizers of the High Level Engagement segments of CoP23.
  • Clear Next steps in the evolution of the Initiative for Africa
  • Contribution to MPGCA Yearbook/NAZCA platform of action to be published for
  • CoP23.

The conference would also lead to broader outcomes in terms of:
  • Advancement of dialogue on water and climate issues;
  • Adherence of a greater number of partners, inside and outside of the water box,
  • especially from the developing world;
  • Increased traction and progress for water and climate initiatives;
  • Continued and improved long-term visibility for water within climate discussions