The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus

As part of the Water Youth Network's role as Global Focal Point for SDG 6 within UN-MGCY, the Network will organise a second webinar on Water-Energy-Food Nexus on June 11th. The webinar will be led by Mr. Bassel Daher. Through this, participants will learn lessons that would result in revisiting and refining our approaches for addressing complex resource hotspots based on case studies, thus enabling us to more effectively work toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

When: Monday, 11 June; 3-4:30 pm CEST
Where: Webinar (online)
How to Register: Click here to sign up

Some of the questions that will be answered in the webinar:
  • Which concepts, methods and tools for Nexus decision making and policy implementation do already exist?
  • Which tools do already address synergies and tradeoffs, including mitigation and adaptation measures?
  • How can the Nexus approach best be applied to explore different approaches to SDG development in order to promote consistency among goals and cross-sectoral collaboration?
  • How could the water-energy-food nexus research help us in working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?
  • What role does science have in supporting the development of policies that are capable of addressing complex interconnected resource challenges?
  • What role does Youth have in understanding and addressing these complex challenges

Webinar Speaker
Bassel Daher is a Research Associate at Texas A&M University’s Water-Energy-Food Nexus Research Group (since 2014) and Project Coordinator at the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Initiative (since 2016). Daher’s work focuses on policy-oriented research in natural resource management, environmental sustainability, and resource security. He is particularly interested in developing Water-Energy-Food Nexus solutions that respond to biophysical, socioeconomic, governance, and financing constraints, at multiple scales, and in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. Daher has expertise in water-energy-food nexus analytics and the development of resource allocation assessment tools.