The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Raising Ambitions on the Road to COP25

In conjunction with the 50th Session of the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies (SB50), the World Water Council will be hosting a one-day workshop to help raise awareness on the importance of water in successful implementation of the Paris Agreement. Co-organized by the #ClimateIsWater Initiative and other key partners, this high level event will aim to build on the outcomes of COP24 and enhance climate ambition —highlighting the key role of water in mitigation and adaptation — as we turn our attention to COP25 later this year.

When: 13 June 2019
Where: Bonn, Germany (venue to be confirmed)
How to Register: Registration will open soon

The principle objective of the meeting is to mobilize and encourage a range of political, institutional, technical, and scientific stakeholders to work together so that water remains an important element of climate discussions bridging the outcomes of CoP24 with CoP25 with a view to raising climate ambitions for water.

The event aims at reinforcing the presence of the main actors from the climate community, in particular UNFCCC member states, subsidiary bodies and constituted bodies officers as well as climate negotiators. This implies orienting the discussions in a way which will be most appealing and of maximal benefit to those parties, to the Convention and to the Paris Agreement objectives.

The tentative themes will focus on water within the Paris Agreement and UNFCCC framework, through issues, solutions and viable ways forward highlighting the work on NDCs from their analysis to the support on their implementation through the dedicated roundtables. This exercise will be developed through dedicated roundtables that will address the countries' climate documents submitted to the UNFCCC, enabling a constructive dialogue between several stakeholders to facilitate the water-related commitments. At the same time, the workshop will focus on the MPGCA COP25 themes of “SDGs 14 and 15: Life on land and below water” and SDGs 6 and 7: “Clean Water & Affordable and clean energy."