The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Europe-INBO 2017

The International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) and the European Group of Basin Authorities will host an international conference from 20-23 September in Ireland. This year's focus will be on the implementation of European Water Directives. It will also include a roundtable session and discussions focused on Adaptation to Climate Change: Pressures, Priorities, Insurances, Impacts and Resilience of Government Agencies and Economic Sectors.

AGWA's Seventh Annual Members Meeting

AGWA has had another year of significant growth in membership and expansion of programs since the last Annual Meeting. The goal is to have a dynamic meeting, with activities meant to encourage active participation from AGWA members and to elicit ideas, feedback, and interaction. We plan on having several breakout groups to cover specific topics. AGWA is a member-driven network and we want to hear your input!

Webinar on Approaches to assessment, tracking and modelling the Source-to-Sea interactions

UN Environment-DHI and the Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management (S2S Platform) have jointly developed a series of webinars focusing on the source-to-sea management.

You can now register for the final session in our S2S series, Webinar #5: Approaches to assessment, tracking and modelling the Source-to-Sea interactions via following LINK. The four presenters of this final session will be exploring some interesting options for the measurement and management of water from Source-to-Sea.

Opportunities and challenges for managing deeply uncertain water-futures in the urban environment

New decision support methods for managing deep uncertainty have been developed and applied internationally, but experiences with these methods are still limited in many contexts. How can insights from these new approaches be used improve management of deeply uncertain water-futures in urban settings?

The 2nd International Conference on Water and Climate: On the road to CoP23

Following the success of the first International Conference on Water and Climate "Water Security for Climate Justice" held in Rabat in July 2016, the World Water Council, with the support of the CoP22 Chair as represented by the State Secretariat for Water of the Kingdom of Morocco, and with the collaboration of other international partners, will organize the second edition of the event on 3-4 October in Marseille, France.