The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

NAP Expo 2016: Advancing National Adaptation Plans post-Paris

The NAP Expo is an annual outreach event organized by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG), in collaboration with various bodies and organizations, to promote exchange of experiences and foster partnerships between a wide range of actors and stakeholders on how to advance national adaptation plans (NAPs). It brings together national leaders and policymakers on NAPs, as well as representatives from the Green Climate Fund, the Global Environment facility, United Nations organizations, international organizations, bilateral and multilateral agencies, regional centres and networks, as well as scientists and practitioners. Read More...

Geomorphic & Climatic Controls on Water Temperature & Streambed Scour, Copper R. Delta, AK

Geomorphic & Climatic Controls on Water Temperature & Streambed Scour, Copper River Delta, AK: Implications for Understanding Climate Change Impacts to the Pacific Salmon Egg Incubation Environment

Climatic changes are projected to impact Pacific Salmon egg incubation by increasing the magnitude and frequency of winter floods and by raising water temperatures. More powerful and more frequent winter floods could reduce the survival of salmon eggs by increasing streambed scour. Projected increases in water temperature may accelerate embryo development, impacting juvenile viability.

Researchers collected water temperature and stream stage data year-round and surveyed channel geometry at salmon spawning reaches on the Copper River Delta, a large coastal foreland in South-central Alaska. They calculated streambed scour and compared water temperatures during climatological mean and anomalously warm incubation periods to elucidate potential climate change impacts.

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