The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Advanced Webinar: Integrating Remote Sensing into a Water Quality Monitoring Program

With a focus on integrating NASA Earth observations into water quality monitoring decision making processes, this advanced webinar series will include a brief overview of data products used for water quality monitoring, an overview of aquatic remote sensing-specific criteria, methods and best practices, obtaining NASA Earth observation data for water quality monitoring, and practical skill building in image processing for water quality monitoring of coastal and larger inland water bodies. The series is part of NASA's Applied Remote Sensing Training Program (ARSET).

Raising Ambitions on the Road to COP25

In conjunction with the 50th Session of the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies (SB50), the World Water Council will be hosting a one-day workshop to help raise awareness on the importance of water in successful implementation of the Paris Agreement. Co-organized by the #ClimateIsWater Initiative and other key partners, this high level event will aim to build on the outcomes of COP24 and enhance climate ambition —highlighting the key role of water in mitigation and adaptation — as we turn our attention to COP25 later this year.

Shaping wetlands policy with science for effective actions to address climate change

The release of the 2013 IPCC Supplement and the 2019 Refinement of 2006 IPCC Guidelines provide new opportunities to incorporate wetlands, including peatlands and mangroves in climate change mitigation and adaptation agenda. Provided national capacity is in place, countries could adopt these methodologies for GHG inventories and actions of GHG emission reduction at national and sub national levels.

Programs and projects including USAID funded activities through its Country Missions, and USAID collaborative projects with CGIAR, including CIFOR will be featured in the live discussion through a YouTube server by engaging resource experts who will describe the achievements, opportunities, and existing challenges for the activities in Asia.