The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

AGWA Working Group on Climate Bonds & Water

A new Climate Bonds Expert Working Group, made up of key water sector and industry experts from around the world will be met for the first time today to develop criteria for water investments that can be used to back green and climate bonds certified under the Climate Bond Standard – an easy-to-use tool for investors and governments that allows them to assess the environmental integrity of bonds with confidence.

Eco-Engineering Theme SESYNC Workshop 3: Meeting Summary

For an overview of the connection between AGWA and SESYNC, please visit our project site. Our June 2014 workshop encompassed three major tasks:
  • Reach a full outline for the ecological decision scaling paper, integrating activities since workshop 2.
  • Reach a brief outline the integration of economic flexibility tools into a decision pathways approach, identifying one or more case studies. This can serve as the basis for a full outline and completion of the drafting/submission process.
  • Initiate a broader discussion about how to transition the broadly defined variables (connectivity, heterogeneity, and flow regime distortion) for enabling aquatic ecosystem adaptation into operational, management, and remote sensing variables. These discussion included an extended group of participants (ODI, NASA, Ramsar and GEOBON, and in absentia WMO, UNESCO, and the World Bank).