The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

CRIDA Workshop at University of Idaho

CRIDA Workshop Flyer
This two-day workshop at the University of Idaho will focus on a next-generation methodology for assessing and addressing climate risk in water resources management and planning. Climate Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA) is a means for implementing holistic climate-resilient water resources solutions. This workshop is designed to help participants from various disciplines to better understand the novel CRIDA approach while simultaneously exploring potential implications in terms of water governance, engineering, and ecosystems. Dr. John Matthews, a co-author of CRIDA and the Executive Director and co-founder of AGWA will lead the workshop.

When: 22-23 April 2019
Where: University of Idaho; Moscow, Idaho, USA
How to Register: Click here to register by 17 April

Although CRIDA published only in October 2018, the methodology has been applied in at least 19 countries to date. Although issued by UNESCO’s International Hydrological Program (IHP), CRIDA was developed through the sustained efforts of the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Institute of Water Resources, the Dutch Water and Infrastructure Ministry, Deltares, AGWA, and SESYNC.

CRIDA provides a structured, stepwise process for technical professionals to navigate the decision making spaces between senior decision makers and stakeholders. Based on the level of future uncertainty, CRIDA supports the development of robust and/or flexible solutions. CRIDA also explicitly acknowledges the critical significance of governance and eco-hydrological systems to achieving holistic, sustainable, and resilient solutions.