The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Adaptation Pathways - From Concept to Practice

Mainstreaming climate change into decision-making to achieve ‘climate compatible development’ is a pressing challenge. This process is complicated by the uncertainties in climate change projections and impacts and the necessity for cooperation between public and private actors across multiple sectors. In addition, other drivers such as population growth, increasing economic volatility and modernisation interact with climate change to generate non-linear and unexpected outcomes and shocks, requiring novel thinking about development planning.

By focussing on how decision-makers can account for future uncertainty, the recent construct of adaptation pathways provides a potentially useful approach. Its core principles are the recognition of multiple stakeholders and their competing values, goals and knowledge, the need to identify and implement both incremental and transformative strategies, and the sequencing of decisions over time to avoid foreclosure of options and to minimise risks of maladaptation. Join this webinar to learn about the adaptation pathways approach and how to put the concept into practice. Read More...