The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Basic Summer Course in Climate Time Series Analysis

This Basic Summer Course in Climate Time Series Analysis is specifically tailored to the needs of PhD students, postdocs and professional researchers in climatology, ecology, environmental sciences, geosciences, meteorology or hydrology. We assume a basic knowledge in calculus, the rest you will learn here. You get the required statistical tools and extensive hands-on training to become able to optimally analyse your data and answer the associated questions about the climate. You acquire the theoretical basis for understanding the tools and interpreting the results. You learn to determine the various sources of uncertainty in data, climate models and statistical estimation.

Water for Food Global Conference

Vaccines. Irrigation. Cellphones. Apps. These life changing, globally accessible advancements were first created in someone’s garage, kitchen or office. The 2017 Water for Food Global Conference theme, “Water for Food Security: From Local Lessons to Global Impacts,” is based on the premise that global breakthroughs come from local action. This conference will apply that perspective to the work being done to ensure water and food security for future generations. How can lessons learned from Nebraska’s groundwater management system help farmers in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam? Can irrigation technology be scaled for smallholder farming communities around the world? How do national policies affect agriculture and water security in other regions and countries?

The 2017 global conference will feature plenary and parallel sessions to explore the research, technology and educational approaches that are advancing food and water security for our world. Read More...

Serious Play - Free online course on using Aqua Republica game in water related training and workshops

DHI and UNEP-DHI are pleased to present a modular, self-paced, online course is designed to help guide facilitators and educators on how to use the Aqua Republica game in water related training and workshops.

In this course, organizers shall look at what is serious gaming and how it can be used to enhance learning as well as to introduce you to an educational game called Aqua Republica. We shall also have a hands-on exercise on how to play Aqua Republica to get you familiar with the tool. Finally, organizers shall show and guide you on how you can use Aqua Republica to enhance your training or teaching experience. Read More...