The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Online Information Session for Oregon State University's Natural Resources Leadership Academy

Oregon State University's Natural Resources Leadership Academy (NRLA) brings together professionals and graduate students from across the world to establish connections, enhance leadership skills and learn from experts on timely, relevant topics in today's changing world. This two-week session will feature a course that is part of our AGWA-U initiative. Anyone who would like to find out more about the NRLA, the classes offered, the instructors, or registration details should attend the upcoming information session.

Cooperation and conflict resolution in groundwater and aquifer management

Conflicts over water depend on the characteristics of the resource. Conflicts over groundwater and aquifers are very different from those posed by surface water resources. Surface water negotiations typically focus on allocations and flows; negotiations over groundwater typically focus on storage and water quality. Whereas surface watersheds, the common boundary for integrated water resource management, are static, groundwater boundaries are value laden and constantly change during development. The resources are often times managed separately even though both resources are hydraulically connected.

This webinar will examine the science that is at the core of groundwater and aquifer disputes as well as issues of groundwater governance. Read More...