The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

AGWA Knowledge Exchange

Co-convenors: AGWA, Colorado State University, Deltares, SESYNC, OECD, UNFCCC Nairobi Work Programme, University of Massachusetts, USACE IWR, World Bank

Representing a culmination of many of the efforts over the previous three SESYNC workshops, the third day of the fourth SESYNC workshop is more self-contained and will focus on sharing the SESYNC eco-engineering team’s work to other potential partners for amplification, extension, and adoption, using a knowledge exchange format. Each segment will begin with a short introduction and case and then have an exchange about applications.

Working with scarce data for eco-engineering decision scaling: SESYNC Workshop

Co-convenors: AGWA, NASA, SESYNC, World Bank — 7 October 2014

Over the past three previous workshops, our thematic group has developed what we believe is a robust approach to reconciling ecological and engineering approaches to long-term robust and resilient water resources management through the use of a decision scaling framework, an approach we refer to as ecological decision scaling. Integral to this approach is viewing ecosystems as dynamic and responsive in complex ways to climate-induced changes, which marks a significant shift from current approaches to ecological approaches to sustainable water management. A critical assumption in our approach is that there are specific resilience indicators that are not currently widely employed. While we believe that ecological decision scaling is both effective and practical, we are also concerned that in many regions of the world, particularly in those areas where water infrastructure development is occurring very rapidly, the lack of easily accessible knowledge products for these resilience indicators represents a major gap for implementation. Read More...

Fourth AGWA-SESYNC Workshop Summary

In early October AGWA hosted a SESYNC-sponsored workshop with one day focused on 'Working with Scarce Data for Ecological Scaling’. During this session participants deepened their exploration of the ability to develop remote sensing data products that are suitable to support the metrics and methods developed from earlier eco-engineering SESYNC theme workshops, particularly in regions with limited data. Read More...

Fourth AGWA - SESYNC workshop: October 6–8

Eco-Engineering Theme — Workshop 4
PIs: LeRoy Poff and John Matthews
Dates: 6 - 8 October 2014

The fourth of our four workshops spans three distinct days and targets that are intended to both provide thematic closure and connect our efforts to other initiatives and audiences. General overview of the SESYNC theme is located here. The agenda for the three days is located below.

Eco-Engineering Theme SESYNC Workshop 3: Meeting Summary

For an overview of the connection between AGWA and SESYNC, please visit our project site. Our June 2014 workshop encompassed three major tasks:
  • Reach a full outline for the ecological decision scaling paper, integrating activities since workshop 2.
  • Reach a brief outline the integration of economic flexibility tools into a decision pathways approach, identifying one or more case studies. This can serve as the basis for a full outline and completion of the drafting/submission process.
  • Initiate a broader discussion about how to transition the broadly defined variables (connectivity, heterogeneity, and flow regime distortion) for enabling aquatic ecosystem adaptation into operational, management, and remote sensing variables. These discussion included an extended group of participants (ODI, NASA, Ramsar and GEOBON, and in absentia WMO, UNESCO, and the World Bank).