The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Water: Risk, Opportunity and Sustainability

Staggering global growth has created an urgent need for investment in water infrastructure, technology, and services in order to maintain water supply to industries and populations alike. This is the wake-up call for a significant increase in funding for the utilities sector.

Additionally, there is also huge demand for a greater understanding of operational impact of water within corporates and the business strategies required to help mitigate and manage water security in the future.

Water: Risk, Opportunity and Sustainability has been researched and developed for an international audience, which includes heads and directors from the investment sector (pension funds, SWFs, mutual funds etc), water utilities and governments, water engineering and technology providers, sustainability indices and rating agencies. Read More...

Infrastructure Week 2016

Now entering its 4th year, Infrastructure Week is a national week of high-profile events; tv, print, and social media coverage; public education and focused advocacy; and other efforts around America to tell the story of America’s infrastructure, and the impact it has on our communities, economy, and quality of life. Read More...